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European Court of Justice case law database upgraded
The BBS Report gives long-term trends for 117 common and widespread bird species.
JNCC has worked to update conservation advice for offshore Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The revision is based on recommended best practice and feedback from users. Further information on the approach is available on the JNCC conservation advice webpage.
JNCC has successfully completed a piece of work that could help to improve the management of water resources for the 55 million population of South Africa.
Notification of the publication of updated conservation advice for Braemar Pockmarks SAC, Scanner Pockmark SAC, East of Gannet and Montrose Fields NCMPA, Fulmar MCZ and Firth of Forth Banks Complex NCMPA.
JNCC have developed a revised approach to the conservation advice we provide for offshore Marine Protected Areas. The new approach is based on recommended best practice and feedback from current users.
Data collected by over 1000 volunteers involved in the National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP), run in partnership with JNCC, show populations of many bat species are stable or recovering.
Invitation for experts to highlight case studies demonstrating how business of all sizes are taking action regarding biodiversity.
JNCC have now published updated formal conservation advice for North Norfolk Sandbanks and Saturn Reef SAC. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the advice, please do get in touch.
Three new Joint Committee appointments

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