Distribution of the marine molluscs of north-west Europe
Seaward, D.R
Knowledge of the distribution of species is essential to marine nature conservation. This volume identifies some molluscs whose distributions are so restricted that they may be considered endangered, and provides a baseline against which future trends in species distribution may be determined.


Originally intended to update and amend the Sea Area Atlas of Marine Molluscs of Britain and Ireland (Seaward 1982), this work was extended to cover a larger area and more species. All of the marine molluscs recorded from the shores and waters around Britain and Ireland and the adjacent continent from Bergen to Brest, together with adjacent eastern Atlantic, are listed and their distribution defined.
JNCC Report 165 updates the volume to the Conchological Society's new marine census datum of 1 January 1991. In addition, the opportunity was taken to add earlier records notified or confirmed too late for inclusion in Seaward (1990).  Nomenclature was also updated, the North Sea/Baltic boundary was amended to take account of important surveys in that region, and errata were incorporated.

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