3rd Edition Bat Workers' Manual
Mitchell-Jones, A.J, & McLeish, A.P. Ed.
Covering all aspects of bats including health & safety and is an essential reference for anyone wishing to obtain a licence to carry out bat work in the UK.


May 2015: Please note that the Bat Workers’ Manual (3rd Edition) has not be updated and may be out of date in places. However, the manual remains useful and therefore will be kept until revised. In addition, Natural England produced a timber treatment note (2013) ‘TIN092 Bat roosts and timber treatment products’ may be of value. But note that this too may require an update.




The second edition of the Bat Workers' Manual was produced in 1999 and provided detailed information on all aspects of bats and has been an essential reference manual for anyone wishing to obtain a licence to carry out bat work in the UK.
The third edition has been produced just five years later due to the tragic death of a bat worker in Scotland from European Bat Lyssavirus (EBLV). This signalled a fundamental change in the way organisations and individuals approach bat work. Taken together with two records of EBLV in Daubenton's bats in England, it must now be assumed that the virus is present in bats in the UK and that bat-handling practices, and health and safety advice, must change.

The new manual incorporates required changes and includes recommendations on the handling of bats, vaccinations against EBLV and a list of contact details for finding up-to-date advice on the subject. Updated information on legislation, and other advice, has also been included.

The excellent drawings by Tom McOwat have almost all been retained, with some updated diagrams where necessary to reflect the changes in health and safety practices, but the cover has a completely new look and a number of beautiful bat photographs by Frank Greenaway have been added.

The 3rd edition of the Bat Workers' Manual (Eds A.J. Mitchell-Jones and A. McLeish) is available from AbeBooks


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178 pages b/w photos, softback
ISBN 1 86107 558 8
Please cite as: Mitchell-Jones, A.J, & McLeish, A.P. Ed., (2004), 3rd Edition Bat Workers' Manual, 178 pages b/w photos, softback, ISBN 1 86107 558 8