Permian and Triassic Red Beds and the Penarth Group of Great Britain
GCR Volume No. 24
Benton, M.J., Cook, E. & Turner, P.
This volume documents the broad range of desert environments of the Permian and Early to Mid Triassic deposits in Britain, as well as the brackish water to marginal marine environments of the Mid to Late Triassic times, and the marine Penarth Group deposits, of latest Triassic age, that cap the 'red-bed' sequence.


Two hundred and fifty million years ago, the British Isles lay just north of the Equator, and climates were hot.Image of Permian and Triassic Red Beds and the Penarth Group of Great Britain cover This was in the middle of 'Permo-Triassic' time, a period represented in Britain by extensive successions of rocks that provide evidence for the presence of many kinds of environments, from continental to estuarine and marginal marine. From north-west Scotland to south Devon, quarries and cliffs expose impressive red-coloured sandstones and mudstones in sections that display, sometimes in three dimensions, the form of ancient desert dunes, the deposits of river channels and shallow bodies of water, and mineral deposits produced by evaporation of saline waters. Near the end of the Triassic Period, the Rhaetian sea flooded virtually the whole of Europe. In Britain, the Penarth Group sediments were deposited in this sea, marking the end of 'red-bed' deposition there and acting as a prelude to the succeeding marine Lias succession that extends into the Jurassic System.
'Permian and Triassic Red Beds and the Penarth Group' of Great Britain is the first detailed overview of these fascinating sedimentary rocks. In it are details of the 68 GCR sites that have been selected to represent all aspects of the Permian non-marine deposits and the Triassic succession. In addition, the broad significance of the British Permo-Triassic rock record is considered in an international context, both in terms of regional geology and Earth history, and of developments in our understanding of 'red-bed' sedimentology.
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337 pages, illustrations, A4 hardback
ISBN 1 86107 493 X
Please cite as: Benton, M.J., Cook, E. & Turner, P. (2002) Permian and Triassic Red Beds and the Penarth Group of Great Britain, Geological Conservation Review Series, No. 24, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Peterborough, 337 pp.