GCR block - Wealden (WDN)


Block Description

UK map showing distribution of GCR sites of GCR block WDN
Distribution of GCR sites of GCR block Wealden

The GCR sites selected for this GCR Block represent the British geological record of Earth history from about 142 to 121 million years ago (Ma) as respresented by the sandy, non-marine rocks of the Weald district of south-east England that developed widely over north-west Europe as a result of late Jurassic to early Cretaceous earth movements.

Marine rocks of this age are afforded their own GCR Blocks (see BER-BAR and PTL-BER). This interval is the first part of the Early Cretaceous Epoch, which spans from 142 to 99 Ma. Rocks that formed during the Early Cretaceous Epoch (part of the Cretaceous Period) constitute the Lower Cretaceous Series (part of the Cretaceous System).

The Berriasian (142–137 Ma) Valanginian (137–132 Ma), Hauterivian (132–127 Ma) and Barremian (127–121 Ma) strata of marine origin, which constitute the Neocomian Series, are included in one GCR Block together because they are commonly closely associated in general lithology and palaeontology distinct from the non-marine Wealden strata (the Hastings Sands and Weald Clay); these four stratigraphical stages precede the deposition of Aprian-Albian strata, rocks formed during the second part of the Early Cretaceous Epoch.

GCR site selection

Although the relatively common invertebrate fossils do not have a separate selection category in the GCR in their own right, the scientific importance of many stratigraphy sites lies in their fossil content. Therefore, some of the GCR sites are selected specifically for their fossil fauna, which facilitates stratal correlation and enables the interpretation of the environments in which the animals lived. Moreover, some sites have international significance because they have yielded fossils that are the ‘type’ material for a taxonomic group.

In contrast to the manner in which most invertebrate fossils are represented in the GCR, fossils of vertebrates, arthropods (except trilobites) and terrestrial plants do have their own dedicated selection categories, owing to the relative rarity of the fossil material. See APD; JUR-CRE-RP; MES-MAM; MES-PALBOT; MZ-TR-FI-A; PALENT.

Palaeontology, fauna and flora


Site List

Your selection found 43 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically by country, local authority and then by site name -
CodeNameCountryLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
2951Muswell HillEnglandBuckinghamshire CCSP640153Not available
2807StoneEnglandBuckinghamshire CCSP780126Not available
2627Durdle DoorEnglandDorset CCSY807803Not available
2625Lulworth CoveEnglandDorset CCSY829798Not available
2626Mupe Bay & Worbarrow BayEnglandDorset CCSY843797Not available
2629SwanageEnglandDorset CCSZ031797Not available
2806Upwey / BincombeEnglandDorset CCSY672854Not available
2613BattleEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ766141Not available
2640BredeEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ832184Not available
2620ChaileyEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ391179Not available
2631East GrinsteadEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ380347Not available
2638FairlightEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ858115Not available
2630Hadlow DownEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ523259Not available
2725Hastings - Pett LevelEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ828093Not available
2633IdenEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ931224Not available
2956Lower DickerEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ557111Not available
2639NorthiamEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ829253Not available
2628Tunbridge WellsEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ558382Not available
2641WaldronEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ552187Not available
2637WinchelseaEnglandEast Sussex CCTQ902169Not available
2808Compton Bay - Brighstone BayEnglandIsle of WightSZ370849Not available
2615Sandown BayEnglandIsle of WightSZ619853Not available
2611PemburyEnglandKent CCTQ615416Not available
2635SouthboroughEnglandKent CCTQ593417Not available
2624CapelEnglandSurreyTQ177386Not available
2618ChiddingfoldEnglandSurreySU942340Not available
2895HambletonEnglandSurreySU974374Not available
2616Newdigate (North)EnglandSurreyTQ204425Not available
2617Newdigate (South)EnglandSurreyTQ185422Not available
2645OckleyEnglandSurreyTQ112374Not available
2612SwindonEnglandSwindonSU150836Not available
2623BillingshurstEnglandWest SussexTQ077276Not available
2978Coneyhurst CommonEnglandWest SussexTQ101244Not available
2619FernhurstEnglandWest SussexSU892287Not available
2621Horsted KeynesEnglandWest SussexTQ382266Not available
2643Scaynes HillEnglandWest SussexTQ391228Not available
2634SlinfoldEnglandWest SussexTQ125312Not available
2642Turners HillEnglandWest SussexTQ339354Not available
2896WarnhamEnglandWest SussexTQ173345Not available
2622West Hoathly [Hook]EnglandWest SussexTQ355323Not available
2614West Hoathly [Philpots]EnglandWest SussexTQ355323Not available
2632West Hoathly [Sharpthorne]EnglandWest SussexTQ374329Not available
2644DintonEnglandWiltshire CCSU006309Not available
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