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Block Description

UK map showing distribution of GCR sites of GCR block WEN
Distribution of GCR sites of GCR block Wenlock

The GCR sites selected for this GCR Block represent the British geological record of Earth history from about 428 to 423 million years ago (Ma). This interval is the second epoch of the the Silurian Period (440 to 410 Ma).

Rocks that formed during the Wenlock Epoch form the the Wenlock Series (part of the Silurian System). The Silurian System is divided into four series (Llandovery (see LDY), Wenlock, Ludlow (see LUD) and Prídolí (see PRIDOL)) and all but one series (the Pridoli) into a number of stages. The Wenlock Epoch is divided into two ages.

Of the eight stratotypes that define the bases to the Silurian stratigraphical divisions, seven are in Britain. The one exception is the base to the Prídolí Series. The chosen level for the base of the Devonian System in the Czech Republic is considerably higher than the base of the ‘Old Red Sandstone’ which had traditionally been regarded as the Silurian–Devonian boundary in the Welsh Borderland. The new Prídolí Series therefore correlates with the lowest part of the ‘Old Red Sandstone’ (see NMAR-DEV). Graptolites and conodonts have yielded the most refined Silurian zonations, but analogous schemes exist for other groups, notably brachiopods, acritarchs and chitinozoans.

For discussion of Silurian palaeogeography and palaeontology see LDY.

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Site List

Your selection found 49 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically by country, local authority and then by site name -
CodeNameCountryLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
443Wren`s NestEnglandDudley and SandwellSO937920Not available
1109Brathay QuarriesEnglandEast CumbriaNY356010Not available
984River RawtheyEnglandEast CumbriaSD699971Not available
983Torver - AshgillEnglandEast CumbriaSD276955Not available
973Hobbs QuarryEnglandGloucestershireSO695192Not available
995BurringtonEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO433723Not available
442Linton QuarryEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO677257Not available
974Little HillEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO603387Not available
2732Monstay QuarryEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO472731Not available
440Pitch Coppice, Mortimer ForestEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO472729Not available
441Scutterdine QuarryEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO577368Not available
438Brinkmarsh QuarryEnglandNorth and North East Somerset, South GloucestershireST674913Not available
439Buckover Road CuttingEnglandNorth and North East Somerset, South GloucestershireST667908Not available
956Trewern BrookEnglandPOWYSSJ304116Not available
93Buildwas River SectionEnglandShropshire CCSJ638045Not available
151Easthope - Harley HillEnglandShropshire CCSO566953Not available
94Eaton TrackEnglandShropshire CCSO500900Not available
95Farley (Dingle) Road CuttingEnglandShropshire CCSJ637026Not available
96Hughley BrookEnglandShropshire CCSO566984Not available
98Longville to Stanway Road SectionEnglandShropshire CCSO539927Not available
99Whitwell CoppiceEnglandShropshire CCSJ617021Not available
975Moons Hill QuarryEnglandSomersetST665460Not available
68Hay Head QuarriesEnglandSouth and West DerbyshireSP048985Not available
97Lincoln HillEnglandTelford and WrekinSJ669038Not available
69Daw End Railway CuttingEnglandWalsall and WolverhamptonSK036030Not available
1301Balmae CoastScotlandDumfries and GallowayNX676465Not available
1302Meikle Ross (Borgue Coast)ScotlandDumfries and GallowayNX637446Not available
972KnockgardnerScotlandSouth AyrshireNS355036Not available
976Ree Burn - Glenbuck LochScotlandSouth LanarkshireNS762285Not available
1012Lyn Water and Lynslie BurnScotlandThe Scottish BordersNT130562Not available
445Pen-y Lan QuarryWalesCARDIFF AND VALE OF GLAMORGANST198787Not available
444River RhymniWalesCARDIFF AND VALE OF GLAMORGANST209789Not available
446Rumney QuarryWalesCARDIFF AND VALE OF GLAMORGANST215788Not available
3275Ty MawrWalesCONWY AND DENBIGHSHIRESH81426816Not available
1105Cilwrgi QuarryWalesMONMOUTHSHIRE AND NEWPORTST339984Not available
1104Cwm-Ton AreaWalesMONMOUTHSHIRE AND NEWPORTSO332018Not available
3277Banwy RiverWalesPOWYSSJ13301042Not available
955Buttington BrickworksWalesPOWYSSJ266101Not available
971Coed-mawrWalesPOWYSSO045548Not available
86Dolyhir QuarriesWalesPOWYSSO241581Not available
977Dulas BrookWalesPOWYSSO043552Not available
968Pen-cerigWalesPOWYSSO042541Not available
952PenstrowedWalesPOWYSSO068910Not available
970River IrfonWalesPOWYSSO033515Not available
969Trecoed - Castle CrabWalesPOWYSSO052553Not available
954Freshwater EastWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSS017975Not available
953MarloesWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSM788070Not available
3166Sawdde GorgeWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSN715260Not available
1103WernbongamWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSN515182Not available
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