GCR block - Caradoc-Ashgill (CAR-ASH)


Block Description

UK map showing distribution of GCR sites of GCR block CAR-ASH
Distribution of GCR sites of GCR block Caradoc-Ashgill

The GCR sites selected for this GCR Block represent the British geological record of Earth history from about 470 to 440 million years ago (Ma), as represented by the rocks deposited during the last two epochs of the Ordovician Period (495–440 Ma), which is the second period of the Palaeozoic Era (545 to 251 Ma). Rocks that formed during the Ordovician Period constitute the Ordovician System.

The Cambrian and Ordovician rocks of Britain are essentially of marine origin; freshwater and subaerial deposits have been identified only in settings where volcanic edifices were raised above sea level. Within the marine setting there are rocks of the widest variety, from sandstones and limestones of the shoreline and shallow shelves to beds that accumulated in deep basins or on the continental slopes. Transects from shelf to basin are seen in both Cambrian and Ordovician rocks, and examples of shallow- and deep-water deposits are recognized in both Anglo-Welsh and Scottish areas.

The traditional series of the Ordovician System are Tremadoc (oldest), Arenig, Llanvirn, Caradoc and Ashgill (youngest).

For details of Ordovician stratigraphy, palaeogeography, palaeontology and GCR site selection, see CAM.

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Site List

Your selection found 38 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically by country, local authority and then by site name -
CodeNameCountryLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
1092Ashgill QuarryEnglandEast CumbriaSD269954Not available
1099Backside BeckEnglandEast CumbriaSD699998Not available
1098Ecker Secker BeckEnglandEast CumbriaSD696955Not available
1093Harthwaite SikeEnglandEast CumbriaNY702247Not available
1094Keisley QuarryEnglandEast CumbriaNY714238Not available
1095Melmerby Road SectionEnglandEast CumbriaNY623383Not available
1087Pus GillEnglandEast CumbriaNY696256Not available
1100Sally Beck and River RawtheyEnglandEast CumbriaSD707978Not available
1096Stile EndEnglandEast CumbriaNY461049Not available
1097Swindale BeckEnglandEast CumbriaNY688275Not available
1102Spywood & Aldress DingleEnglandPOWYSSO275957Not available
1245Coston Farm AreaEnglandShropshire CCSO391804Not available
1246Coundmoor Brook (Evenwood, Harnage)EnglandShropshire CCSJ558037Not available
1079Hope Bowdler Road SectionEnglandShropshire CCSO473924Not available
1080MarshwoodEnglandShropshire CCSO444891Not available
1101Onny RiverEnglandShropshire CCSO422854Not available
1081Soudley QuarryEnglandShropshire CCSO477918Not available
3014Corsewall PointScotlandDumfries and GallowayNX000729Not available
1178Dob's LinnScotlandDumfries and GallowayNT196155Not available
1174Craighead QuarryScotlandSouth AyrshireNS232012Not available
1175Girvan ForeshoreScotlandSouth AyrshireNX147931Not available
1176Laggan BurnScotlandSouth AyrshireNX202945Not available
1177South ThreaveScotlandSouth AyrshireNS251038Not available
3344Carn OwenWalesCeredigionSN732882Not available
1082Cadnant CuttingWalesCONWY AND DENBIGHSHIRESH776778Not available
1004CynwydWalesCONWY AND DENBIGHSHIRESJ092399Not available
1071Deganwy QuarriesWalesCONWY AND DENBIGHSHIRESH786791Not available
1090Cwm HirnantWalesGWYNEDDSH951296Not available
1084Gelli GrinWalesGWYNEDDSH944339Not available
1085Nant AberderfelWalesGWYNEDDSH850395Not available
1086RhiwlasWalesGWYNEDDSH921367Not available
1076Gwern-y-BrainWalesPOWYSSJ218127Not available
1077Trilobite DingleWalesPOWYSSJ221080Not available
1074Birdshill QuarryWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSN602231Not available
1075Crug FarmWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSN627231Not available
1083Mylet RoadWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSN269144Not available
1072Robeston WathenWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSN084161Not available
1073ShoalshookWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSM966171Not available
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