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Block Description

UK map showing distribution of GCR sites of GCR block LUD
Distribution of GCR sites of GCR block Ludlow

The GCR sites selected for this GCR Block represent the British geological record of Earth history from about 423 to 419 million years ago (Ma). This interval is the third epoch of the the Silurian Period (440 to 410 Ma).

Rocks that formed during the Ludlow Epoch form the the Ludlow Series (part of the Silurian System). The Silurian System is divided into four series (Llandovery (see LDY), Wenlock (see WEN), Ludlow and Prídolí (see PRIDOL)) and all but one series (the Pridoli) into a number of stages. The Ludlow Epoch is divided into two ages.

Of the eight stratotypes that define the bases to the Silurian stratigraphical divisions, seven are in Britain. The one exception is the base to the Prídolí Series. The chosen level for the base of the Devonian System in the Czech Republic is considerably higher than the base of the ‘Old Red Sandstone’ which had traditionally been regarded as the Silurian–Devonian boundary in the Welsh Borderland. The new Prídolí Series therefore correlates with the lowest part of the ‘Old Red Sandstone’ (see NMAR-DEV). Graptolites and conodonts have yielded the most refined Silurian zonations, but analogous schemes exist for other groups, notably brachiopods, acritarchs and chitinozoans.

For discussion of Silurian palaeogeography and palaeontology, see LDY.

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Site List

Your selection found 33 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically by country, local authority and then by site name -
CodeNameCountryLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
2368Turner`s HillEnglandDudley and SandwellSO909919Not available
2360Wren`s NestEnglandDudley and SandwellSO938923Not available
2367Tebay CuttingsEnglandEast CumbriaNY608007Not available
2374Longhope HillEnglandGloucestershireSO694184Not available
2362Tites PointEnglandGloucestershireSO685042Not available
2372Wood GreenEnglandGloucestershireSO694166Not available
2361Bow BridgeEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO428729Not available
2730Burrington Farm Stream and Trackside SectionsEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO438728Not available
2375Church Hill QuarryEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO412738Not available
2603Deer Park Road, Mortimer ForestEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO485712Not available
2370Elton LaneEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO465703Not available
2600Goggin RoadEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO473719Not available
2369Gurney`s QuarryEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO717384Not available
2378Linton QuarryEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO677257Not available
2602Mary Knoll Valley, Mortimer ForestEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO488730Not available
2373Mocktree QuarriesEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO415753Not available
2377Perton Road & QuarryEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO597404Not available
2599Pitch CoppiceEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO473730Not available
2376Rockhall QuarryEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO423655Not available
2598Sunnyhill, Mary Knoll Valley, Mortimer ForestEnglandHerefordshire, County ofSO495724Not available
2731Deepwood Stream Section, Mortimer ForestEnglandShropshire CCSO459735Not available
2596The WhitcliffeEnglandShropshire CCSO506744Not available
2365Upper MillichopeEnglandShropshire CCSO519897Not available
2364View EdgeEnglandShropshire CCSO434807Not available
2358Woodbury QuarryEnglandWorcestershireSO743637Not available
2371Clogau QuarryWalesCONWY AND DENBIGHSHIRESJ185463Not available
2727Dinas BranWalesCONWY AND DENBIGHSHIRESJ222430Not available
2366Ty`n-y-Ffordd QuarryWalesCONWY AND DENBIGHSHIRESH869652Not available
2359Brook HouseWalesMONMOUTHSHIRE AND NEWPORTST354958Not available
3119Beacon HillWalesPOWYSSO18087672Not available
3117Meeting House QuarryWalesPOWYSSO13726407Not available
3118Mithil Brook and Cwm BlithusWalesPOWYSSO16006127Not available
2363Sawdde GorgeWalesSOUTH WEST WALESSN722251Not available
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