GCR block - Marine Devonian (MAR-DEV)

Marine Devonian

Block Description

UK map showing distribution of GCR sites of GCR block MAR-DEV
Distribution of GCR sites of GCR block Marine Devonian

The GCR sites selected for this GCR Block represent the British geological record of Earth history from about 417 to 354 million years ago (Ma) as represented by marine rocks of Devonian Age. Non-marine Devonian ‘Old Red Sandstone’ strata are afforded their own GCR Block (see NMAR-DEV). Strata laid down in the Devonian Period (the fourth Period of the Palaeozoic Era, 540–251 Ma) constitute the Devonian System.

Palaeogeography and palaeoenvironment


GCR site selection

Although the relatively common invertebrate fossils do not have a separate selection category in the GCR in their own right, the scientific importance of many stratigraphy sites lies in their fossil content. Therefore, some of the GCR sites are selected specifically for their fossil fauna, which facilitates stratal correlation and enables the interpretation of the environments in which the animals lived. Moreover, some sites have international significance because they have yielded fossils that are the ‘type’ material for a taxonomic group.

In contrast to the manner in which most invertebrate fossils are represented in the GCR, fossils of vertebrates, arthropods (except trilobites) and terrestrial plants do have their own dedicated selection categories, owing to the relative rarity of the fossil material. See APD; SIL-DEV-CH; PAZ-PALBOT; PALENT.

Palaeontology, fauna and flora

In the Devonian Period there are biostratigraphical zonal schemes for graptolites, ammonoids, brachiopods, fish, conodonts, microvertebrates and miospores.

The fossils that are present indicate that the Devonian Period saw profound changes in the evolutionary record, with the first significant colonisation of terrestrial habitats by vascular plants, the rapid expansion of the first aquatic vertebrates, and their emergence onto land.

Site List

Your selection found 55 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically by country, local authority and then by site name -
CodeNameCountryLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
2202Baulkhead - Gunwalloe ChurchEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW654221Not available
475Bedruthan StepsEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW849696Not available
2235Cuckoo Rock - Nar RockEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW936390Not available
477Daymer BayEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW927777Not available
2236East Portholland - Long Point - Cadythew RockEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW962411Not available
644Gerrans BayEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW907382Not available
478Harbour CoveEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW914768Not available
2203Little Dennis - Gillian Harbour - Nare Head - PorthallowEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW786258Not available
479Marble CliffEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW890763Not available
540Mount WiseEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX455540Not available
2237Mullion IslandEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW661176Not available
2187Nare Head - The StraytheEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW923378Not available
2194Pendower - Shannick PointEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW896380Not available
645Pentire HeadEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW933796Not available
480Pentonwarra PointEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW890760Not available
2239PerhaverEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX015418Not available
2238Poldhu Cove - Polurrian CoveEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW663200Not available
419Polyne QuarryEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX226531Not available
481Rosenun LaneEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX248617Not available
482Stourscombe QuarryEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX344839Not available
583Viverdon Down QuarryEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX374675Not available
1789Baggy PointEnglandDevon CCSS447408Not available
1790Barricane BeachEnglandDevon CCSS454443Not available
465Broadridge QuarryEnglandDevon CCSX839711Not available
476Bull CoveEnglandDevon CCSS482484Not available
466Chercombe Bridge QuarryEnglandDevon CCSX834710Not available
1803Chipley QuarriesEnglandDevon CCSX808721Not available
1788Combe Martin BeachEnglandDevon CCSS568475Not available
467Crock PointEnglandDevon CCSS689490Not available
430Dean SteepEnglandDevon CCSS708479Not available
1787DownendEnglandDevon CCSS434389Not available
427East Ogwell QuarryEnglandDevon CCSX840706Not available
1791Fremington QuayEnglandDevon CCSS517340Not available
539HollowbrookEnglandDevon CCSS664497Not available
470Lower Dunscombe Farm QuarryEnglandDevon CCSX885790Not available
585Lydford GorgeEnglandDevon CCSX501835Not available
586Myrtleberry CleaveEnglandDevon CCSS730492Not available
472Plaistow QuarryEnglandDevon CCSS568373Not available
428Ransley QuarriesEnglandDevon CCSX844701Not available
1786Rillage PointEnglandDevon CCSS539483Not available
1785South Brentor QuarryEnglandDevon CCSX480805Not available
423Valley of RocksEnglandDevon CCSS702492Not available
469Faraday RoadEnglandPlymouthSX498542Not available
584Fisons QuarryEnglandPlymouthSX493537Not available
473Richmond WalkEnglandPlymouthSX460543Not available
474Western KingEnglandPlymouthSX461533Not available
421BabbacombeEnglandTorbaySX929655Not available
425Daddy HoleEnglandTorbaySX928628Not available
468Dyers QuarryEnglandTorbaySX921628Not available
426Hope`s NoseEnglandTorbaySX948635Not available
420Long QuarryEnglandTorbaySX937651Not available
471Lummaton QuarryEnglandTorbaySX911665Not available
422Meadfoot Sea RoadEnglandTorbaySX931631Not available
429New CutEnglandTorbaySX935638Not available
424Saltern CoveEnglandTorbaySX895580Not available
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