GCR block - Mineralogy of South West England (MIN-SW-ENG)

Mineralogy of South West England

Block Description

UK map showing distribution of GCR sites of GCR block MIN-SW-ENG
Distribution of GCR sites of GCR block Mineralogy of South West England

A general introduction to the mineralogy GCR Blocks is provided under MIN-LAKE.

Site List

Your selection found 34 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically by country, local authority and then by site name -
CodeNameCountryLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
669Belowda BeaconEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW973627Not available
672Botallack Mine to Wheal OwlesEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW358328Not available
2992Cameron QuarryEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW704506Not available
670Cligga Head MineEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW738536Not available
673Dean QuarryEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW804204Not available
2998Gravel Hill MineEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW764575Not available
2995Great Wheal FortuneEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW627289Not available
683Hingston Down ConsolsEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX410714Not available
682Hingston Down QuarryEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX410718Not available
674Lidcott MineEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX240851Not available
671Mulberry DownEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySX019658Not available
2996Nanjizal CoveEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW357236Not available
684Penberthy Croft MineEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW553324Not available
3000Penlee QuarryEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW468278Not available
2999Perran Beach - Holywell BayEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW760591Not available
2994Priest`s CoveEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW352315Not available
677South Terras MineEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW933522Not available
2993St Michael`s MountEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW515298Not available
678Trelavour DownsEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW960575Not available
679Tremearne ParEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW608266Not available
2997Trevaunance CoveEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW723517Not available
680Wheal AlfredEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW580370Not available
3007Wheal CoatesEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW698499Not available
681Wheal Gorland and Wheal UnityEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW735429Not available
685Wheal PenroseEnglandCornwall and Isles of ScillySW634252Not available
665Devon Great ConsolsEnglandDevon CCSX431735Not available
664Devon United MineEnglandDevon CCSX521795Not available
1882Haytor Iron MineEnglandDevon CCSX772770Not available
667High Down QuarryEnglandDevon CCSS653289Not available
668Lockeridge MineEnglandDevon CCSX438663Not available
663Meldon Aplite QuarriesEnglandDevon CCSX567920Not available
662Red-a-Ven MineEnglandDevon CCSX570917Not available
666Wheal EmilyEnglandDevon CCSX540498Not available
1725Hope`s NoseEnglandTorbaySX949636Not available
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