GCR block - Mineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & Shropshire (MIN-PD-L-C-S)

Mineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & Shropshire

Block Description

UK map showing distribution of GCR sites of GCR block MIN-PD-L-C-S
Distribution of GCR sites of GCR block Mineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & Shropshire

A general introduction to the mineralogy GCR Blocks is provided under MIN-LAKE.

Site List

Your selection found 20 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically by country, local authority and then by site name -
CodeNameCountryLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
1724Alderley EdgeEnglandCheshire CCSJ843774Not available
2588Fall Hill QuarryEnglandEast DerbyshireSK355624Not available
1720Gypsy Lane Brick PitEnglandLeicesterSK619071Not available
1631Bardon HillEnglandLeicestershire CC and RutlandSK459133Not available
1632Castle Hill QuarryEnglandLeicestershire CC and RutlandSK577148Not available
2595Croft QuarryEnglandLeicestershire CC and RutlandSP510964Not available
1630Earl Ferrers` Lead MineEnglandLeicestershire CC and RutlandSK377216Not available
1633Newhurst QuarryEnglandLeicestershire CC and RutlandSK486180Not available
1634Warren QuarryEnglandLeicestershire CC and RutlandSK542001Not available
2594Huglith MineEnglandShropshire CCSJ405016Not available
2586Snailbeach MineEnglandShropshire CCSJ374023Not available
1039Bage MineEnglandSouth and West DerbyshireSK292549Not available
1037Calton HillEnglandSouth and West DerbyshireSK119715Not available
1029Dirtlow Rake & Pin DaleEnglandSouth and West DerbyshireSK152818Not available
1035Kirkhams Silica SandpitsEnglandSouth and West DerbyshireSK216542Not available
1040Masson Hill Mines, MatlockEnglandSouth and West DerbyshireSK290587Not available
1028Portway Gravel PitsEnglandSouth and West DerbyshireSK128812Not available
1034Treak CliffEnglandSouth and West DerbyshireSK134821Not available
1036Windy KnollEnglandSouth and West DerbyshireSK127829Not available
1027Ecton Copper MinesEnglandStaffordshire CCSK099579Not available
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