GCR block - Permian - Triassic Reptilia (PER-TRI-RP)

Permian - Triassic Reptilia

Block Description

UK map showing distribution of GCR sites of GCR block PER-TRI-RP
Distribution of GCR sites of GCR block Permian - Triassic Reptilia

In contrast to the manner in which most invertebrate fossils are represented in the GCR, fossils of vertebrates, arthropods (except trilobites) and terrestrial plants do have their own dedicated GCR Blocks, because of the relative rarity of the fossil material. The GCR sites selected for the Permian –Triassic Reptilia GCR Block represent the British fossil record of terrestrial and aquatic reptiles of the last period of the Palaeozoic Era (the Permian Period, spanning from 280 to 230 million years ago (Ma), and the first period fo the Mesozoic Era (the Triassic Period, from 230 to 195Ma), effectively charting the early evolution of the group from its emergence as represented by the record in Britain. At the end of the Permian Period there was a major, global mass-extinction event, and this had a significant effect on the faunas of the time, with approximatley 95% of species becoming extinct. After the pre-dinosaurian faunas of the Triassic, the Jurassic-Cretaceous time is maked by the emergence and rise of the dinosaurs, thus enabling this ‘unit’ of the fossil record to have a developing, but characteristic, faunal distinctiveness.

Later fossil reptiles are afforded their own GCR Blocks, ‘Jurassic-Cretaceous Reptilia’ and ‘Tertiary Reptilia’. See JUR-CRE-RP and TER-REP.

Palaeontological characteristics

The reptiles evolved from their amphibian forebears over 300 million years ago. The oldest postulated fossil reptile is known from the Carboniferous of Scotland. Reptiles radiated extensively during the Permian Period and the Mesozoic Era, a span of time often referred to as the ‘Age of Reptiles’. Britain’s fossil reptile sites include key Triassic sites that document the pre-dinosaur times, and the unique dinosaurian faunas of Mid Jurassic and Early Cretaceous age. Marine reptiles (plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, crocodilians) are richly represented in the Early and Late Jurassic in particular. A number of Tertiary localities have yielded rich faunas of turtles, crocodilians and squamates.


The palaeogeography of each relevant geological ages of Permian and Triassic periods can be found elsewhere on the pages of this website. See PER–TRI and RTN.

GCR site selection

Owing to the rarity of fossil reptile material, this GCR Block represents something of a special case with regard to including all of the sites yielding, or that have yielded, significant types and quantities of scientifically important material that help elucidate the evolution, diversification and extinction of the main reptile groups.

The sites selected for this Block aim to represent distinct reptile assemblages showing diversification and extinction associated with the Permian and Triassic periods.

Volume Introduction

Permian - Triassic Reptilia

Site List

Your selection found 18 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically by country, local authority and then by site name -
CodeNameCountryLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
988Durdham DownEnglandBristol, City ofST572747Not available
814High Peak (Sidmouth)EnglandDevon CCSY104858Not available
813Otterton Point (Budleigh Salterton)EnglandDevon CCSY077819Not available
2174MiddridgeEnglandDurham CCNZ252252Not available
2175Aust CliffEnglandNorth and North East Somerset, South GloucestershireST565898Not available
987Slickstones (Cromhall) QuarryEnglandNorth and North East Somerset, South GloucestershireST704916Not available
989Tytherington QuarryEnglandNorth and North East Somerset, South GloucestershireST662888Not available
811Grinshill QuarriesEnglandShropshire CCSJ525238Not available
986Emborough QuarryEnglandSomersetST623505Not available
822Coten End Quarry, WarwickEnglandWarwickshireSP290655Not available
812Guy's Cliffe, WarwickEnglandWarwickshireSP293668Not available
3258Clashach QuarryScotlandInverness and Nairn and Moray, Badenoch and StrathspeyNJ162703Not available
817Cutties HillockScotlandInverness and Nairn and Moray, Badenoch and StrathspeyNJ184638Not available
826FindrassieScotlandInverness and Nairn and Moray, Badenoch and StrathspeyNJ207652Not available
809Lossiemouth, East QuarryScotlandInverness and Nairn and Moray, Badenoch and StrathspeyNJ236707Not available
810Masonshaugh QuarryScotlandInverness and Nairn and Moray, Badenoch and StrathspeyNJ123692Not available
816SpynieScotlandInverness and Nairn and Moray, Badenoch and StrathspeyNJ222656Not available
2231Bendrick RockWalesCARDIFF AND VALE OF GLAMORGANST138671Not available
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