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Your selection of unitary authority Durham CC found 28 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
3016Blackhalls RocksEnglandMarine PermianNZ468395Site Account
347Botany HillEnglandNamurian of England & WalesNY955204Not available
2466Closehouse MineEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY850227Not available
348Crag GillEnglandNamurian of England & WalesNZ026235Not available
2985Crime Rigg QuarryEnglandPermian - TriassicNZ344416Not available
2486Foster HushEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY859204Not available
1054God's BridgeEnglandKarstNY957126Not available
1392Greenfoot QuarryEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNY982392Not available
1975Hawthorn QuarryEnglandMarine PermianNZ435463Site Account
2473Killhope HeadEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY820433Not available
2475Lady`s Rake Mine & Trial ShaftEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY803344Not available
2174MiddridgeEnglandPermian - Triassic ReptiliaNZ252252Not available
302Middridge QuarryEnglandPalaeozoic PalaeobotanyNZ252252Not available
2463Pikes Law MinesEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY902314Not available
2986Raisby QuarriesEnglandMarine PermianNZ346354Site Account
349Rogerley QuarryEnglandNamurian of England & WalesNZ019375Not available
1976Seaham HarbourEnglandMarine PermianNZ430499Site Account
2015Shippersea Bay, EasingtonEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNZ443453Not available
346Sleightholme BeckEnglandNamurian of England & WalesNY965116Not available
3019Stony Cut, Cold HesledonEnglandMarine PermianNZ417472Site Account
2018Thorpe BulmerEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNZ453354Not available
1968Trimdon Grange QuarriesEnglandMarine PermianNZ361353Site Account
2841Upper Teesdale - Red Sike MossEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNY819290Not available
2010Warren House GillEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNZ436426Not available
2467West Rigg OpencutEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY911391Not available
1444Whin Sill Exposures in Upper TeesdaleEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNY880285Not available
2464Willyhole MineEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY805336Not available
1974Yoden Village Quarry/Horden QuarryEnglandMarine PermianNZ436417Not available
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