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Your selection of unitary authority Durham CC found 35 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
501Fairy HolesEnglandCavesNY936356Not available
2026Bradford KamesEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNU162320Not available
344Brunton Bank QuarryEnglandNamurian of England & WalesNY928698Not available
1449Budle Point - Harkness RockEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNU163361Not available
2173Cheviot TorsEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNT956215Not available
2181Colour Heugh - Bowden DoorsEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNU066337Not available
342Corbridge Limestone QuarryEnglandNamurian of England & WalesNY995653Not available
2768Cottonshope Head QuarryEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNT803058Not available
2938Cresswell and Newbiggin ShoresEnglandWestphalianNZ304855Not available
1447Cullernose Point to Castle PointEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNU260187Not available
2490Fallowfield MineEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY936674Not available
884Glebe QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNU052005Not available
1915Goswick - Holy Island - Budle BayEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandNU035481Site Account
341Greenleighton QuarryEnglandNamurian of England & WalesNZ034917Not available
2581Harthope BurnEnglandFluvial Geomorphology of EnglandNT961230Not available
2326Holy IslandEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNU136418Not available
1448Holy IslandEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNU124416Not available
343Howick to Seaton PointEnglandNamurian of England & WalesNU262173Not available
2024Humbleton Hill & The TrowsEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNT951275Not available
1446Longhoughton QuarryEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNU231153Not available
2169Low HauxleyEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNU283016Not available
886Redesdale Ironstone QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNY895833Not available
2580River Tyne at OvinghamEnglandFluvial Geomorphology of EnglandNZ087635Not available
2585River West Allen at Blackett BridgeEnglandFluvial Geomorphology of EnglandNY780540Not available
885Roddam DeneEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNU021208Not available
2554Roman WallEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNY715667Not available
2025Sandy BayEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNZ305860Not available
2472Settlingstones MineEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY849688Not available
2182Spittal ShoreEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNU010512Not available
2767Steel Rigg - Sewingshields CragsEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNY751677Not available
2471Stonecroft MineEnglandMineralogy of the PenninesNY854688Not available
2032Tipalt BurnEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNY670675Not available
2397Tynemouth to Seaton SluiceEnglandWestphalianNZ345760Not available
1445WydonEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNY695629Not available
389Lennel BraesScotlandPalaeozoic PalaeobotanyNT857411Not available
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