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Your selection of unitary authority West Cumbria found 49 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
2516Annaside & Gutterby BanksEnglandQuaternary of CumbriaSD085866Not available
3160BarfEnglandArenig - TremadocNY217265Not available
3015Barrowmouth Beach Section, Saltom BayEnglandMarine PermianNX957157Site Account
297Beckfoot QuarryEnglandOrdovician Igneous RocksNY164003Site Account
3159Blaze Bridge and Scawgill QuarryEnglandArenig - TremadocNY17922499Not available
2763Bothel Crags QuarryEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNY186371Not available
296Bowness KnottEnglandOrdovician Igneous RocksNY112156Site Account
288Bramcrag QuarryEnglandOrdovician Igneous RocksNY320220Site Account
2780Buckbarrow BeckEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictSD137907Not available
1134Burdell GillEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY307325Not available
2258Buttermere OutcropsEnglandCaledonian Structures of the Lake DistrictNY167171Not available
2089Clints/Steel Barrow QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNY007124Not available
2782Coombe BeckEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY182150Not available
1136Dale Head North & South MinesEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY223155Not available
1137Dry Gill MineEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY323346Not available
236Elliscales QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSD224747Not available
287Falcon CragEnglandOrdovician Igneous RocksNY272206Site Account
1522Fleswick - St BeesEnglandPermian - TriassicNX946132Not available
2779Florence MineEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY018103Not available
2257Gasgale Crags and WhitesideEnglandCaledonian Structures of the Lake DistrictNY165227Not available
2766Gill BeckEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNY149342Not available
2514GrasmoorEnglandQuaternary of CumbriaNY175205Not available
2201Great CockupEnglandArenig - TremadocNY277336Not available
2256Hassness and Goat CragEnglandCaledonian Structures of the Lake DistrictNY186159Not available
2253Hollows Farm SectionEnglandCaledonian Structures of the Lake DistrictNY248170Not available
1141Long CombEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY206207Not available
2781Nab Gill MineEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY173014Not available
2710Ray Crag & Crinkle CragsEnglandOrdovician Igneous RocksNY243042Site Account
1139Red Gill MineEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY294348Not available
2189River Calder, Latter BarrowEnglandArenig - TremadocNY068117Not available
289Rosthwaite FellEnglandOrdovician Igneous RocksNY258122Site Account
1140RoughtongillEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY304344Not available
1521Saltom BayEnglandPermian - TriassicNX958159Not available
2250Saltom BayEnglandWestphalianNX962165Not available
2552Sandbeds FanEnglandQuaternary of CumbriaNY234291Not available
1142Seathwaite Graphite MineEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY234127Not available
2515SkiddawEnglandQuaternary of CumbriaNY261287Not available
294Sour Milk GillEnglandOrdovician Igneous RocksNY230122Site Account
2320St BeesEnglandQuaternary of CumbriaNX965113Not available
2553Throstle ShawEnglandQuaternary of CumbriaNY237272Not available
2888Upper SolwayEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandNY143569Not available
290Waberthwaite QuarryEnglandOrdovician Igneous RocksSD112944Site Account
2042Walney IslandEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandSD170730Site Account
1144Wanthwaite MineEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY326225Not available
2279Warnscale BottomEnglandCaledonian Structures of the Lake DistrictNY201136Not available
1950Wasdale ScreesEnglandQuaternary of CumbriaNY155045Not available
2776Water CragEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictSD153973Not available
1145Wet Swine GillEnglandMineralogy of the Lake DistrictNY314322Not available
2179Yeathouse QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNY042169Not available
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