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Your selection of unitary authority East Riding of Yorkshire found 17 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
1923DimlingtonEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandTA390220Not available
2942Drewton Lane PitsEnglandCallovianSE920329Not available
255Eastfield QuarryEnglandAalenian - BajocianSE916323Not available
210Enthorpe Railway CuttingEnglandCenomanian, Turonian, Senonian, MaastrichtianSE906456Site Account
1889Flamborough HeadEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandTA258707Site Account
1835Kelsey HillEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandTA239266Not available
212Melton Bottom Chalk PitEnglandCenomanian, Turonian, Senonian, MaastrichtianSE970277Site Account
1127Millington PasturesEnglandKarstSE850550Not available
2881Old Mere, HornseaEnglandQuaternary of the Pennines and Adjacent AreasTA208474Not available
629Rifle Butts QuarryEnglandAptian-AlbianSE892426Not available
1932SewerbyEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandTA198683Not available
1190Sewerby CliffEnglandPleistocene VertebrataTA199686Not available
1901Skipsea Bail MereEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandTA162554Not available
1902Skipsea WithowEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandTA183546Not available
2111Spurn HeadEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandTA420130Site Account
2321The Bog, RoosEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandTA274289Not available
1946Willow Garth, BoyntonEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandTA126676Not available
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