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Your selection of unitary authority North and North East Lincolnshire found 10 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
2248CastlethorpeEnglandQuaternary of the Pennines and Adjacent AreasSE976077Not available
301Cliff Farm PitEnglandAalenian - BajocianSE942009Not available
3012Conesby QuarryEnglandHettangian, Sinemurian and PliensbachianSE899143Not available
1883KirmingtonEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTA103117Not available
256Manton Stone QuarryEnglandAalenian - BajocianSE940025Not available
1892Risby WarrenEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaSE925135Not available
2029South FerribyEnglandKimmeridgianSE993204Not available
2022South FerribyEnglandOxfordianSE993204Site Account
1893South FerribyEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaSE995220Not available
731South FerribyEnglandAptian-AlbianSE993204Not available
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