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Your selection of unitary authority Derbyshire found 59 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
3347Brook Bottom TufaEnglandKarstSK055710Not available
3351Lathkill Dale TufasEnglandKarstSK234851Not available
3352Matlock Bath TufasEnglandKarstSK293580Not available
327Alport CastlesEnglandNamurian of England & WalesSK142914Not available
802Alport CastlesEnglandMass movementSK138914Not available
2861Alport ValleyEnglandFluvial Geomorphology of EnglandSK118938Not available
2160Ambergate QuarryEnglandWestphalianSK359518Not available
1039Bage MineEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK292549Not available
459Bagshaw CavernEnglandCavesSK169805Not available
187Baileycroft QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK286542Not available
1876Bees NestEnglandTertiary PalaeobotanySK241546Not available
328Blackden BrookEnglandNamurian of England & WalesSK115884Not available
1044Bradwell DaleEnglandKarstSK172804Not available
1037Calton HillEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK119715Not available
101CastletonEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK132834Not available
456Castleton AreaEnglandCavesSK126824Not available
1049Cave DaleEnglandKarstSK148825Not available
102Cawdor QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK286604Not available
104Dale QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK284541Not available
1029Dirtlow Rake & Pin DaleEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK152818Not available
993DovedaleEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK142548Not available
105Duchy QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK094768Not available
1911Featherbed MossEnglandQuaternary of the Pennines and Adjacent AreasSK094924Not available
1304Fox Hole CaveEnglandPleistocene VertebrataSK100663Not available
2243Goyt's MossEnglandWestphalianSK018715Not available
1047Green Lane PitsEnglandKarstSK166626Not available
68Hay Head QuarriesEnglandWenlockSP048985Not available
1937Hilton Gravel PitEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSK252317Not available
1279Hob`s HouseEnglandMass movementSK173710Not available
324Jumble CoppiceEnglandNamurian of England & WalesSK268721Not available
1035Kirkhams Silica SandpitsEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK216542Not available
1048Lathkill DaleEnglandKarstSK185657Not available
2765Litton Mill Railway CuttingEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousSK158729Not available
2591Ludworth IntakeEnglandQuaternary of the Pennines and Adjacent AreasSJ994911Not available
326Mam TorEnglandNamurian of England & WalesSK130836Not available
803Mam TorEnglandMass movementSK134836Not available
460Masson Hill cavesEnglandCavesSK290590Not available
1040Masson Hill Mines, MatlockEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK290587Not available
106Midland Railway to Wye ValleyEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK182731Not available
107Pindale QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK159823Not available
457Poole's CavernEnglandCavesSK048725Not available
1028Portway Gravel PitsEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK128812Not available
108Ricklow Quarry and Monyash QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK164662Not available
2184Ridgeway QuarryEnglandWestphalianSK358514Not available
2860River Derwent at HathersageEnglandFluvial Geomorphology of EnglandSK209822Not available
325River NoeEnglandNamurian of England & WalesSK091858Not available
1475Rowlee BridgeEnglandMass movementSK147892Not available
109Steeplehouse Quarries Complex, National Stone CentreEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK286551Not available
2976Steeplehouse QuarryEnglandCarboniferous - Permian Fish/AmphibiaSK288554Site Account
458Stoney Middleton cavesEnglandCavesSK212763Not available
110Ticknall QuarriesEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK360238Not available
2764Tideswell DaleEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousSK154740Not available
1034Treak CliffEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK134821Not available
455Upper Lathkill DaleEnglandCavesSK145676Not available
2762Water Swallows QuarryEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousSK084750Not available
1036Windy KnollEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK127829Not available
1043Winnats PassEnglandKarstSK137827Not available
103Wye Valley and Cressbrook DaleEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK178755Not available
1947Wyns TorEnglandQuaternary of the Pennines and Adjacent AreasSK241603Not available
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