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Your selection of unitary authority Leicestershire CC and Rutland found 31 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
1631Bardon HillEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK459133Not available
1404Bardon HillEnglandPrecambrian of England & WalesSK455133Not available
2817Beacon HillEnglandPrecambrian of England & WalesSK510148Not available
2897Blackbrook ReservoirEnglandPrecambrian of England & WalesSK465172Not available
1061Bradgate ParkEnglandPrecambrian of England & WalesSK535110Not available
2348Bradgate ParkEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSK525100Not available
2034Breedon Cloud QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK413214Not available
1406Buddon HillEnglandCaledonian igneousSK562154Site Account
1632Castle Hill QuarryEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK577148Not available
1403Charnwood LodgeEnglandPrecambrian of England & WalesSK464157Not available
2819Charnwood Lodge & Warren HillsEnglandPrecambrian of England & WalesSK459155Not available
2815Cliffe Hill QuarryEnglandPrecambrian of England & WalesSK475106Not available
248Clipsham QuarryEnglandAalenian - BajocianSK977150Not available
2595Croft QuarryEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSP510964Not available
1630Earl Ferrers` Lead MineEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK377216Not available
883Grace DieuEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesSK433182Not available
3168Ives HeadEnglandPrecambrian PalaeontologySK31500725Not available
1542Ketton QuarryEnglandBathonianSK978056Not available
254Ketton QuarryEnglandAalenian - BajocianSK978058Not available
2196Memorial Crags, Bradgate ParkEnglandPrecambrian PalaeontologySK524110Not available
1633Newhurst QuarryEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK486180Not available
2191North Quarry, (Hangingstone Hills) Charnwood Golf CourseEnglandPrecambrian PalaeontologySK522155Not available
2197Old John, Bradgate ParkEnglandPrecambrian PalaeontologySK525113Not available
1062Outwoods - Hangingstone HillsEnglandPrecambrian of England & WalesSK520157Not available
299Sproxton QuarryEnglandAalenian - BajocianSK864253Not available
2818The BrandEnglandPrecambrian of England & WalesSK537121Not available
2195The OutwoodsEnglandPrecambrian PalaeontologySK516161Not available
33Tilton Railway CuttingEnglandHettangian, Sinemurian and PliensbachianSK763053Not available
2346Warren HillsEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSK460150Not available
1634Warren QuarryEnglandMineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & ShropshireSK542001Not available
1314WingEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSK899027Not available
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