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Your selection of unitary authority Warwickshire found 22 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
2535Ailstone Old Gravel PitEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSP211512Not available
661Boon`s QuarryEnglandCambrianSP329947Not available
2343Brandon & Ryton Gravel PitsEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSP383763Not available
2341Broom Railway CuttingEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSP081529Not available
822Coten End Quarry, WarwickEnglandPermian - Triassic ReptiliaSP290655Not available
1405Croft HillEnglandCaledonian igneousSP510967Site Account
144Cross Hands QuarryEnglandAalenian - BajocianSP269290Not available
1407Griff HollowEnglandCaledonian igneousSP361895Site Account
812Guy's Cliffe, WarwickEnglandPermian - Triassic ReptiliaSP293668Not available
2008Harbury Cement Works QuarriesEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSP390583Not available
2338High Close Farm Pit, SnitterfieldEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSP232596Not available
463Illing`s Trenches, Hartshill HayesEnglandCambrianSP323942Not available
2839Kingsbury BrickworksEnglandWestphalianSP220987Not available
3155Mancetter QuarriesEnglandCambrianSP304963Not available
2991Napton Hill QuarryEnglandHettangian, Sinemurian and PliensbachianSP457613Not available
67Newnham (Wilmcote) QuarryEnglandHettangian, Sinemurian and PliensbachianSP151594Not available
2867River Itchen near KnightcoteEnglandFluvial Geomorphology of EnglandSP404558Not available
1619ShrewleyEnglandPermian - TriassicSP212674Not available
1802Stretton-on-Fosse PitEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSP220381Not available
1906Waverley Wood PitEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSP365714Not available
1324Wolston Sand PitEnglandQuaternary of Midlands - AvonSP411747Not available
464Woodlands QuarryEnglandCambrianSP325947Not available
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