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Your selection of unitary authority Cambridgeshire CC found 13 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
2527Adventurers` LandEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTF362019Not available
616BarringtonEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTL384493Not available
190Barrington Chalk PitEnglandCenomanian, Turonian, Senonian, MaastrichtianTL399511Site Account
1167Barrington PitEnglandPleistocene VertebrataTL384493Not available
2100Dimmock's Cote Quarry (Upware)EnglandOxfordianTL543725Not available
615Histon RoadEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTL444610Not available
2883Holme FenEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTL207886Not available
2529Holme FenEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTL207886Not available
1156Roswell Pits, ElyEnglandJurassic - Cretaceous ReptiliaTL550805Not available
2530Shippea HillEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTL637850Not available
1315Travellers Rest PitEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTL429599Not available
2825Upware South PitEnglandOxfordianTL539709Site Account
1719Warboys Clay PitEnglandOxfordianTL309817Site Account
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