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Your selection of unitary authority Hertfordshire found 9 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
1125Castle Lime Works QuarryEnglandKarstTL228026Not available
450Furneux Pelham Gravel Pit (Hillcollins Pit)EnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTL442268Not available
486Little Heath PitEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTL017082Not available
451Moor Mill QuarryEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTL145027Not available
2247Oughtonhead Lane, HitchinEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTL172299Not available
2874Water End (Mimmshall Brook)EnglandFluvial Geomorphology of EnglandTL230043Not available
1126Water End swallow holesEnglandKarstTL231043Not available
449Westmill QuarryEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTL344158Not available
642Westwood QuarryEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTQ072992Not available
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