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Your selection of unitary authority Essex CC found 24 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
2340Ardleigh Gravel Pit (Martells Quarry)EnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTM053282Not available
558Beachy Head CaveEnglandCavesTQ580953Not available
2914Burnham-on-CrouchEnglandMesozoic - Tertiary Fish/AmphibiaTQ921967Site Account
815Burnham-on-CrouchEnglandAvesTQ920968Not available
1179ClactonEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTM146128Not available
2737DengieEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandTM045030Site Account
1108East MerseaEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTM064143Not available
3011Great Totham (Lofts Farm Pit)EnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTL866092Not available
849Halls QuarryEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTL516278Not available
779HarwichEnglandTertiary PalaeobotanyTM263320Not available
2513Holland-on-Sea CliffEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTM211167Not available
1852Little OakleyEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTM223295Not available
1881Maldon Railway CuttingEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTL842068Not available
618Marks TeyEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTL911243Not available
2913MaylandseaEnglandMesozoic - Tertiary Fish/AmphibiaTL908035Site Account
848Newney Green QuarryEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTL645064Not available
2869River Ter at Lyons HallEnglandFluvial Geomorphology of EnglandTL738108Not available
485Southminster, Goldsands Road PitEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTQ960989Not available
531St Osyth Gravel PitEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTM119170Not available
2889St Osyth Marsh, Colne PointEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandTM092143Site Account
760Walton-on-the-NazeEnglandTertiary PalaeobotanyTM267238Not available
617Walton-on-the-NazeEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaTM263230Not available
576Walton-on-the-NazeEnglandAvesTM263230Not available
2511Wivenhoe Gravel PitEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesTM050236Not available
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