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Your selection of unitary authority Berkshire found 11 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
2948Boxford Chalk PitEnglandMesozoic - Tertiary Fish/AmphibiaSU431719Site Account
191Boxford Chalk PitEnglandCenomanian, Turonian, Senonian, MaastrichtianSU431719Site Account
641Brimpton Gravel PitEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesSU566651Not available
447Cannoncourt Farm PitEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesSU878831Not available
798Cold AshEnglandPalaeoentomologySU500714Not available
719Cold AshEnglandTertiary PalaeobotanySU500714Not available
192Fognam QuarryEnglandCenomanian, Turonian, Senonian, MaastrichtianSU298800Site Account
640Hamstead Marshall Gravel PitEnglandQuaternary of the ThamesSU414662Not available
766Pincent`s KilnEnglandTertiary PalaeobotanySU651720Not available
529Pincent's Kiln, ThealeEnglandPalaeogeneSU651720Not available
193Winterbourne Chalk PitEnglandCenomanian, Turonian, Senonian, MaastrichtianSU448722Site Account
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