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Your selection of unitary authority SOUTH WEST WALES found 23 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
121AbergwaunWalesArenig - LlanvirnSM956377Not available
1460AbermawrWalesQuaternary of WalesSM883346Not available
122Allt PenycoedWalesArenig - LlanvirnSN443181Not available
2965Bryn Banc QuarryWalesLlandeiloSN141145Not available
1761Coed Glyn Moch TrackWalesLlandoverySN816376Not available
1465Cwm Ystwyth (Cwm-du and Cwm Tinwen)WalesQuaternary of WalesSN811742Not available
1284Cwm-duWalesMass movementSN812742Not available
125Ffairfach Railway Cutting and River SectionWalesArenig - LlanvirnSN628211Not available
954Freshwater EastWalesWenlockSS017975Not available
1764Fron RoadWalesLlandoverySN775323Not available
127LlanfalltegWalesArenig - LlanvirnSN157201Not available
3274LlanpumsaintWalesQuaternary of WalesSN420276Not available
128Llanvirn - AbereiddiWalesArenig - LlanvirnSM797305Not available
1451Marros SandsWalesQuaternary of WalesSN201076Not available
1862Mwnt (Traeth-y-Mwnt)WalesQuaternary of WalesSN194519Not available
129Ogof HenWalesArenig - LlanvirnSM705250Not available
130Pont y FenniWalesArenig - LlanvirnSN238169Not available
1461Poppit SandsWalesQuaternary of WalesSN146489Not available
625Porth y RhawWalesCambrianSM783243Not available
1073ShoalshookWalesCaradoc-AshgillSM966171Not available
747St David's CoastWalesPrecambrian of England & WalesSM723245Not available
621Trwyn CynddeiriogWalesCambrianSM746239Not available
131Whitesands BayWalesArenig - LlanvirnSM730276Not available
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