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Your selection of unitary authority SWANSEA found 32 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
1193Bacon HoleWalesPleistocene VertebrataSS561868Not available
1366Bacon Hole CaveWalesQuaternary of WalesSS561868Not available
309Barland CommonWalesNamurian of England & WalesSS576897Not available
1318Bosco`s DenWalesPleistocene VertebrataSS559868Not available
1367Bosco's DenWalesQuaternary of WalesSS559868Not available
1669Bracelet BayWalesVariscan Structures of South Wales and the MendipsSS629872Not available
1780Bracelet BayWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSS629871Not available
1455Broughton BayWalesQuaternary of WalesSS419930Not available
2739Burry Inlet, Camarthen BayWalesCoastal Geomorphology of WalesSS445945Not available
1783Caswell BayWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSS594877Not available
1667Caswell BayWalesVariscan Structures of South Wales and the MendipsSS595873Not available
1306Cat Hole CaveWalesPleistocene VertebrataSS538900Not available
1368Cat Hole CaveWalesQuaternary of WalesSS538900Not available
1730Eastern Slade and Western SladeWalesQuaternary of WalesSS487855Not available
1829Glais MoraineWalesQuaternary of WalesSN696005Not available
1454HortonWalesQuaternary of WalesSS481855Not available
1452Hunts BayWalesQuaternary of WalesSS563869Not available
1778Ilston QuarryWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSS555906Not available
1453Langland Bay (Rotherslade)WalesQuaternary of WalesSS613871Not available
1128Llethrid ValleyWalesKarstSS535900Not available
1305Long HoleWalesPleistocene VertebrataSS451851Not available
1757Long Hole CaveWalesQuaternary of WalesSS452851Not available
1194Minchin HoleWalesPleistocene VertebrataSS555869Not available
1365Minchin Hole CaveWalesQuaternary of WalesSS555869Not available
1988Oxwich BayWalesCoastal Geomorphology of WalesSS510870Site Account
1781Oystermouth Old QuarryWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSS615883Not available
1413Penllergaer Railway CuttingWalesWestphalianSS619999Not available
2112Pwll DuWalesCoastal Geomorphology of WalesSS575870Site Account
1782Pwll Du HeadWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSS568864Not available
1457Rhosili BayWalesQuaternary of WalesSS416892Not available
1779Three Cliffs BayWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSS529877Not available
1456Worm's HeadWalesQuaternary of WalesSS394874Not available
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