Geological Conservation Review

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Your selection of unitary authority MONMOUTHSHIRE AND NEWPORT found 13 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
2359Brook HouseWalesLudlowST354958Not available
1105Cilwrgi QuarryWalesWenlockST339984Not available
1752Clydach Halt Lime WorksWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSO234128Not available
1981Cwm MillWalesSilurian - Devonian ChordataSO311156Site Account
1104Cwm-Ton AreaWalesWenlockSO332018Not available
1749GilwernWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSO247126Not available
2183Golden Hill QuarryWalesCarboniferous - Permian IgneousST431971Not available
308Llammarch DingleWalesNamurian of England & WalesSO218122Not available
1751Llanelli QuarryWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSO225125Not available
1828Llanfihangel–CrucorneyWalesQuaternary of WalesSO315203Not available
38Llanover QuarryWalesPalaeozoic PalaeobotanySO297079Not available
551Ogof Draenen incorporating Siambre DduWalesCavesSO250115Not available
550Otter HoleWalesCavesST518963Not available
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