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Your selection of unitary authority CARDIFF AND VALE OF GLAMORGAN found 19 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
2605Barry IslandWalesPermian - TriassicST107664Not available
2231Bendrick RockWalesPermian - Triassic ReptiliaST138671Not available
2959Bridgend QuarriesWalesMesozoic MammaliaSS895760Not available
2353Cnap TwtWalesMesozoic PalaeobotanySS911753Not available
2292Cwm NashWalesQuaternary of WalesSS905701Not available
1860Cwm NashWalesQuaternary of WalesSS905701Not available
2886Flat Holm, Bristol ChannelWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesST220647Not available
2230Hayes Point to Bendrick RockWalesPermian - TriassicST138671Not available
1255Lavernock to PenarthWalesRhaetianST175673Not available
29Lavernock to St Mary`s Well BayWalesHettangian, Sinemurian and PliensbachianST174676Not available
2106Nash PointWalesCoastal Geomorphology of WalesSS920680Site Account
3006Ogmore CoastWalesMineralogy of WalesSS866744Not available
28Pant y slade to Witches PointWalesHettangian, Sinemurian and PliensbachianSS870741Not available
445Pen-y Lan QuarryWalesWenlockST198787Not available
444River RhymniWalesWenlockST209789Not available
446Rumney QuarryWalesWenlockST215788Not available
2123Sully IslandWalesPermian - TriassicST167670Not available
3207Ton Mawr QuarryWalesMineralogy of WalesST116824Not available
1756Tongwynlais Road SectionWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesST129825Not available
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