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Your selection of unitary authority Angus and Dundee City found 19 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
3327Aberlemno QuarryScotlandNon-Marine DevonianNO526551Not available
947Aberlemno QuarryScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataNO527550Site Account
1440Barry LinksScotlandCoastal Geomorphology of ScotlandNO550320Site Account
2128Black Rock to East CombScotlandOld Red Sandstone Igneous (Silurian and Devonian Volcanic Rocks)NO694488Site Account
2746Coire FeeScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandNO250750Site Account
1987Dryleys Brick PitScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandNO709604Site Account
3307Glen EskScotlandDalradianNO574766Not available
184MarytonScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandNO683565Site Account
3051North Esk and West Water Glaciofluvial LandformsScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandNO565695Site Account
2518North Esk and West Water PalaeochannelsScotlandFluvial Geomorphology of ScotlandNO570690Not available
2499Red CraigScotlandCaledonian igneousNO293758Site Account
2422Scurdie NessScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandNO733568Not available
2079Scurdie Ness to Usan HarbourScotlandOld Red Sandstone Igneous (Silurian and Devonian Volcanic Rocks)NO734567Site Account
3328Tillywhandland QuarryScotlandNon-Marine DevonianNO528537Not available
946Tillywhandland QuarryScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataNO530536Site Account
2797Turin HillScotlandArthropodaNO526551Not available
91Turin Hill QuarriesScotlandPalaeozoic PalaeobotanyNO493523Not available
945Whitehouse DenScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataNO426396Site Account
1810Whiting NessScotlandNon-Marine DevonianNO679432Not available
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