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Your selection of unitary authority South Lanarkshire found 17 GCR sites. Sites are sorted alphabetically -
CodeNameCountryBlockGrid RefGCR Site Account
3122Birk KnowesScotlandLlandoveryNS737346Not available
359Birk KnowesScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataNS737346Site Account
394Birkenhead BurnScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataNS762359Site Account
711Carstairs KamesScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandNS937467Site Account
1385Craighead Hill Quarry, AbingtonScotlandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNS919237Not available
1598DunsideScotlandArthropodaNS748368Not available
3140DunsideScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataNS746362Site Account
3053Falls of ClydeScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandNS885406Site Account
2208Falls of ClydeScotlandFluvial Geomorphology of ScotlandNS883411Not available
1550Kennox WaterScotlandDinantian of ScotlandNS777247Not available
2829Raven GillScotlandArenig - LlanvirnNS923199Not available
976Ree Burn - Glenbuck LochScotlandWenlockNS762285Not available
1546River CalderScotlandDinantian of ScotlandNS658547Not available
2207River Clyde MeandersScotlandFluvial Geomorphology of ScotlandNS971441Not available
393Shiel BurnScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataNS777290Site Account
401Tinto HillsScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandNS954342Site Account
3124Towie WoodScotlandCaledonian igneousNJ933383Not available
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