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14 GCR sites in Ordnance Survey 100 km x 100 km square HP - Click on the hyperlinks in the table below for further details. -
CodeNameCountryBlockLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
226Balta IslandScotlandCoastal Geomorphology of ScotlandShetland IslandsHP660075Site Account
1291CullivoeScotlandMoineShetland IslandsHP550025Not available
696Hagdale Chromite QuarryScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandShetland IslandsHP640101Not available
2417Ham NessScotlandOrdovician Igneous RocksShetland IslandsHP636017Site Account
692Lunda WickScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandShetland IslandsHP564044Not available
2423Nikka VordScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandShetland IslandsHP627103Not available
2786NorwickScotlandCaledonian Structures of ShetlandShetland IslandsHP650148Not available
694Queyhouse Talc QuarryScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandShetland IslandsHP612122Not available
2416Qui Ness to Pund StacksScotlandOrdovician Igneous RocksShetland IslandsHP622033Site Account
691Skelda NessScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandShetland IslandsHU301404Not available
2420Skeo Taing to CluganScotlandOrdovician Igneous RocksShetland IslandsHP640084Site Account
2421The Punds to Wick of HagdaleScotlandOrdovician Igneous RocksShetland IslandsHP642113Site Account
693Tonga - Greff CoastScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandShetland IslandsHP586147Not available
695Wick of HagdaleScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandShetland IslandsHP642106Not available
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