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16 GCR sites in Ordnance Survey 100 km x 100 km square HY - Click on the hyperlinks in the table below for further details. -
CodeNameCountryBlockLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
3322Bay of BerstaneScotlandNon-Marine DevonianOrkney IslandsHY476111Not available
92Bay of SkaillScotlandPalaeozoic PalaeobotanyOrkney IslandsHY229197Not available
225Central SandayScotlandCoastal Geomorphology of ScotlandOrkney IslandsHY716415Site Account
358Cruaday QuarryScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataOrkney IslandsHY247216Site Account
2742Den WickScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandOrkney IslandsHY576088Site Account
1794Greenan Nev CoastScotlandNon-Marine DevonianOrkney IslandsHY549367Not available
2743Mill BayScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandOrkney IslandsHY665258Site Account
3045Muckle Head and SelwickScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandOrkney IslandsHY213053Site Account
2741North Hoy (Ward Hill, Enegars Corrie and Dwarfie Hamars)"ScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandOrkney IslandsHY213053Not available
1819Old Man of Hoy CoastScotlandNon-Marine DevonianOrkney IslandsHY211052Not available
2495Point of AyreScotlandOld Red Sandstone Igneous (Silurian and Devonian Volcanic Rocks)Orkney IslandsHY590038Site Account
1795South Fersness BayScotlandNon-Marine DevonianOrkney IslandsHY531346Not available
1792South Stromness Coast SectionScotlandNon-Marine DevonianOrkney IslandsHY223102Not available
1793Taracliff Bay to Newark BayScotlandNon-Marine DevonianOrkney IslandsHY553035Not available
2304West Coast of OrkneyScotlandCoastal Geomorphology of ScotlandOrkney IslandsHY229190Site Account
1796Yesnaby and Gaulton Coast SectionScotlandNon-Marine DevonianOrkney IslandsHY222144Not available
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