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61 GCR sites in Ordnance Survey 100 km x 100 km square NO - Click on the hyperlinks in the table below for further details. -
CodeNameCountryBlockLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
3327Aberlemno QuarryScotlandNon-Marine DevonianAngus and Dundee CityNO526551Not available
947Aberlemno QuarryScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataAngus and Dundee CityNO527550Site Account
185AlmondbankScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO084262Site Account
2759Ardross CastleScotlandCarboniferous - Permian Fish/AmphibiaClackmannanshire and FifeNO511008Site Account
2071Balmerino to WormitScotlandOld Red Sandstone Igneous (Silurian and Devonian Volcanic Rocks)Clackmannanshire and FifeNO356248Site Account
1440Barry LinksScotlandCoastal Geomorphology of ScotlandAngus and Dundee CityNO550320Site Account
3298Ben VuirichScotlandDalradianPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO008686Not available
2532Black LochScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandClackmannanshire and FifeNO261150Site Account
2128Black Rock to East CombScotlandOld Red Sandstone Igneous (Silurian and Devonian Volcanic Rocks)Angus and Dundee CityNO694488Site Account
922Burn of BenholmScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO795691Site Account
3302Cairn LeuchanScotlandDalradianAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO385925Not available
2023CareyScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO173171Site Account
3267Carn Dubh, Ben GulabinScotlandMass movementPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO100721Not available
2432Carphin and Lower LuthrieScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandClackmannanshire and FifeNO320195Not available
2746Coire FeeScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandAngus and Dundee CityNO250750Site Account
1388Corsiehill Quarry, PerthScotlandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO135235Not available
3304Craig a BarnsScotlandDalradianPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO028439Not available
2493Crawton BayScotlandOld Red Sandstone Igneous (Silurian and Devonian Volcanic Rocks)Aberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO880797Site Account
1818Crawton BayScotlandNon-Marine DevonianAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO879797Not available
2216Derry BurnScotlandFluvial Geomorphology of ScotlandAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO035979Not available
1987Dryleys Brick PitScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandAngus and Dundee CityNO709604Site Account
3335Dunnottar Coast SectionScotlandNon-Marine DevonianAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO881839Not available
1391East Fife CoastScotlandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousClackmannanshire and FifeNO408028Not available
1570East Sands - Buddo NessScotlandDinantian of ScotlandClackmannanshire and FifeNO519158Not available
2813Garron PointScotlandDalradianAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO890876Not available
2563Garron Point to Slug HeadScotlandOrdovician Igneous RocksAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO893872Site Account
3307Glen EskScotlandDalradianAngus and Dundee CityNO574766Not available
2814Glen Ey GorgeScotlandDalradianAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO087875Not available
3337Glen ValeScotlandNon-Marine DevonianClackmannanshire and FifeNO183062Not available
1184InchcoonansScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO242233Site Account
1545KinnesswoodScotlandDinantian of ScotlandPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO181036Not available
369LochnagarScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO250860Site Account
1390Lomond HillsScotlandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO178043Not available
2214Luibeg BurnScotlandFluvial Geomorphology of ScotlandAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO020936Not available
184MarytonScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandAngus and Dundee CityNO683565Site Account
3336Milton NessScotlandNon-Marine DevonianAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO796647Not available
1994Milton NessScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO770649Site Account
2750MorroneScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO135900Site Account
3051North Esk and West Water Glaciofluvial LandformsScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandAngus and Dundee CityNO565695Site Account
2518North Esk and West Water PalaeochannelsScotlandFluvial Geomorphology of ScotlandAngus and Dundee CityNO570690Not available
1809North Esk RiverScotlandNon-Marine DevonianAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO595719Not available
1959PitlowieScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO205228Site Account
2215Quoich Water FanScotlandFluvial Geomorphology of ScotlandAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO119906Not available
1559Randerston CoastScotlandDinantian of ScotlandClackmannanshire and FifeNO608118Not available
2499Red CraigScotlandCaledonian igneousAngus and Dundee CityNO293758Site Account
3313Rotmell FarmScotlandDalradianPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO013472Not available
2422Scurdie NessScotlandMineralogy of ScotlandAngus and Dundee CityNO733568Not available
2079Scurdie Ness to Usan HarbourScotlandOld Red Sandstone Igneous (Silurian and Devonian Volcanic Rocks)Angus and Dundee CityNO734567Site Account
186Shochie BurnScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO071292Site Account
1935Silver MossScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandClackmannanshire and FifeNO450233Not available
1960Stormont LochScotlandQuaternary of ScotlandPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO190423Site Account
1820Tay Bank SectionScotlandNon-Marine DevonianPerth and Kinross and StirlingNO125328Not available
1070TentsmuirScotlandCoastal Geomorphology of ScotlandClackmannanshire and FifeNO500275Site Account
356The TouttiesScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO881866Site Account
3326The TouttiesScotlandNon-Marine DevonianAberdeen City and AberdeenshireNO881866Not available
946Tillywhandland QuarryScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataAngus and Dundee CityNO530536Site Account
3328Tillywhandland QuarryScotlandNon-Marine DevonianAngus and Dundee CityNO528537Not available
2797Turin HillScotlandArthropodaAngus and Dundee CityNO526551Not available
91Turin Hill QuarriesScotlandPalaeozoic PalaeobotanyAngus and Dundee CityNO493523Not available
945Whitehouse DenScotlandSilurian - Devonian ChordataAngus and Dundee CityNO426396Site Account
1810Whiting NessScotlandNon-Marine DevonianAngus and Dundee CityNO679432Not available
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