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13 GCR sites in Ordnance Survey 100 km x 100 km square NU - Click on the hyperlinks in the table below for further details. -
CodeNameCountryBlockLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
2026Bradford KamesEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNorthumberlandNU162320Not available
1449Budle Point - Harkness RockEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNorthumberlandNU163361Not available
2181Colour Heugh - Bowden DoorsEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNorthumberlandNU066337Not available
1447Cullernose Point to Castle PointEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNorthumberlandNU260187Not available
884Glebe QuarryEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNorthumberlandNU052005Not available
1915Goswick - Holy Island - Budle BayEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandNorthumberlandNU035481Site Account
2326Holy IslandEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNorthumberlandNU136418Not available
1448Holy IslandEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNorthumberlandNU124416Not available
343Howick to Seaton PointEnglandNamurian of England & WalesNorthumberlandNU262173Not available
1446Longhoughton QuarryEnglandCarboniferous - Permian IgneousNorthumberlandNU231153Not available
2169Low HauxleyEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNorthumberlandNU283016Not available
885Roddam DeneEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNorthumberlandNU021208Not available
2182Spittal ShoreEnglandDinantian of Northern England & North WalesNorthumberlandNU010512Not available
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