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5 GCR sites in Ordnance Survey 100 km x 100 km square SR - Click on the hyperlinks in the table below for further details. -
CodeNameCountryBlockLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
1759Blucks Pool - Bullslaughter BayWalesDinantian of Southern England & South WalesSOUTH WEST WALESSR890976Not available
3228Freshwater WestWalesNon-Marine DevonianSOUTH WEST WALESSR884996Not available
1666Freshwater West (South)WalesVariscan Structures of South Wales and the MendipsSOUTH WEST WALESSR885903Not available
1913South Pembroke CliffsWalesCoastal Geomorphology of WalesSOUTH WEST WALESSR933945Site Account
1656Stackpole QuayWalesVariscan Structures of South Wales and the MendipsSOUTH WEST WALESSR994958Not available
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