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34 GCR sites in Ordnance Survey 100 km x 100 km square TA - Click on the hyperlinks in the table below for further details. -
CodeNameCountryBlockLocal AuthorityGrid RefGCR Site Account
152Beast Cliff (Robin Hood's Bay)EnglandMesozoic PalaeobotanyNorth Yorkshire CCTA002996Not available
898Betton FarmEnglandOxfordianNorth Yorkshire CCTA002856Site Account
155Cloughton WykeEnglandMesozoic PalaeobotanyNorth Yorkshire CCTA020951Not available
3348Cloughton Wyke TufaEnglandKarstNorth YorkshireTA019950Not available
2122Cornelian BayEnglandOxfordianNorth Yorkshire CCTA064855Site Account
1923DimlingtonEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandEast Riding of YorkshireTA390220Not available
1014Filey BriggEnglandOxfordianNorth Yorkshire CCTA126816Site Account
1889Flamborough HeadEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandEast Riding of YorkshireTA258707Site Account
211Flamborough HeadEnglandCenomanian, Turonian, Senonian, MaastrichtianNorth Yorkshire CCTA154755Site Account
265Gristhorpe BayEnglandAalenian - BajocianNorth Yorkshire CCTA079841Not available
156Hayburn WykeEnglandMesozoic PalaeobotanyNorth Yorkshire CCTA011969Not available
1622Hundale Point - Scalby NessEnglandBathonianNorth Yorkshire CCTA023949Not available
266Iron Scar - HundaleEnglandAalenian - BajocianNorth Yorkshire CCTA017964Not available
1835Kelsey HillEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandEast Riding of YorkshireTA239266Not available
1883KirmingtonEnglandQuaternary of East AngliaNorth and North East LincolnshireTA103117Not available
2941North Bay, ScarboroughEnglandCallovianNorth Yorkshire CCTA046892Not available
2881Old Mere, HornseaEnglandQuaternary of the Pennines and Adjacent AreasEast Riding of YorkshireTA208474Not available
2382Osgodby PointEnglandCallovianNorth Yorkshire CCTA065854Not available
2383Red CliffEnglandCallovianNorth Yorkshire CCTA078841Not available
159Red Cliff (Gristhorpe/Cayton Bay)EnglandMesozoic PalaeobotanyNorth Yorkshire CCTA083842Not available
161Scalby NessEnglandMesozoic PalaeobotanyNorth Yorkshire CCTA037911Not available
1932SewerbyEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandEast Riding of YorkshireTA198683Not available
1190Sewerby CliffEnglandPleistocene VertebrataEast Riding of YorkshireTA199686Not available
1901Skipsea Bail MereEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandEast Riding of YorkshireTA162554Not available
1902Skipsea WithowEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandEast Riding of YorkshireTA183546Not available
2816South Toll House CliffEnglandCallovianNorth Yorkshire CCTA051888Not available
1824SpeetonEnglandBerriasian, Valanginian, Hauterivian, BarremianNorth Yorkshire CCTA150757Not available
1929SpeetonEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandNorth Yorkshire CCTA146759Not available
628Speeton Beck to Red Cliff HoleEnglandAptian-AlbianNorth Yorkshire CCTA154754Not available
2245Speeton SandsEnglandKimmeridgianNorth Yorkshire CCTA150757Site Account
2111Spurn HeadEnglandCoastal Geomorphology of EnglandEast Riding of YorkshireTA420130Site Account
2321The Bog, RoosEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandEast Riding of YorkshireTA274289Not available
1946Willow Garth, BoyntonEnglandQuaternary of North-East EnglandEast Riding of YorkshireTA126676Not available
2795Yons NabEnglandBathonianNorth Yorkshire CCTA085842Not available
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