Second Habitats Directive report delivered to Europe

Every six years, Member States of the European Union are required to report on implementation of the Habitats Directive. The first UK report is available at Defra. The second Habitats Directive report focuses on a first assessment of conservation status of all habitats and species of Community interest. The reporting format set by the European Commission requires a separate analysis for each species and each habitat, in each biogeographic region which that country covers.


The UK report covers 167 habitats and species in the Atlantic biogeographic region, and 14 in the Mediterranean biogeographic region. The Atlantic part was completed by JNCC in consultation with species and habitats specialists in the country conservation agencies. The Mediterranean part was completed by the Gibraltar Ornithology and Natural History Society under contract to the Government of Gibraltar.   

Details of the UK assessments are available on the JNCC website.  Details of submissions by other EU countries are available at the Europa Website.   


JNCC has undertaken some simple analysis of the results.  Three broad themes have been identified in the assessments:

  • Firstly there are gaps in our knowledge in the form of data and understanding.  These are recorded as ‘Unknown’ in the assessment conclusions. 
  • The second theme is that considerable progress has been made since the Habitats Directive came into force in 1994, which is reflected in the number of habitats and species that are recorded as being favourable or unfavourable but improving. 
  • Finally, there are those habitats and species which are unfavourable and deteriorating which require additional measures to ensure their long term viability.



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Reporting Standards Manager

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