UK Seabirds in 2008
Results from the UK Seabird Monitoring Programme
Since 2000, the number of seabirds breeding around the UK have declined by over 600,000 or 9%.

UK Seabirds 2008Introduction


This leaflet summarises the main findings of the UK’s Seabird Monitoring Programme (SMP) in 2008. Since 1986, the SMP has co-ordinated seabird monitoring on a UK-wide basis, using data collected annually from a representative sample of colonies. In addition, three censuses of breeding seabirds have been conducted in Britain and Ireland during 1969-70, 1985-88 and 1998-2002.The programme is led by JNCC in partnership with the statutory country nature conservation agencies and other conservation organisations (see back cover for a full list of partners).


The SMP enables its partners to monitor aspects of the health of the marine environment and to provide sound advice on the conservation needs of breeding seabirds. Recent developments in SMP data collation and analytical techniques have enabled us in this issue to present for the first time trends in population size of 19 of the 25 species of seabird breeding in the UK.We also present evidence derived from these data that demonstrates how human activities have affected seabird populations in the UK.


This edition of the leaflet covers both 2007 and 2008.

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