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Support and Training for Recorder 3

Recorder 3 is no longer supplied however, existing users can access limited opportunities for training and support from the Old Recorder category of the NBN Forum, special pages provided by the NFBR, the R3 documents section of this website and several of the JNCC approved Recorder experts who also provide these services for users of more recent versions of Recorder.

Approved Recorder Experts:

Sally Rankin

Littlefield Consultancy

Canto Information Ltd



Technical support is available to Recorder users free of charge from the Old Recorder category on the NBN Forum and is also provided at a range of prices by the approved Recorder experts. The Forum provides direct access to the recording community and as a result is an invaluable source of advice for problems and issues. It is well used by the recording community and is also supported by JNCC, the approved Recorder experts and Dorset Software. Although the majority of the content relates to the latest version, Recorder 6, there is a dedicated category called Old Recorder which covers issues relating to Recorder prior to the Recorder 6 series.  Technical support from the approved Recorder experts is tailored to meet individual requirements with data transfers to Recorder 6 being a key feature.



There are a limited number of written guides covering different aspects of functionality within Recorder as well as the original tutorial and manual which were provided with your floppy disks. Some of these are available in electronic form and are available in the R3 documents section of this website. In addition, a couple of the approved Recorder experts may be able to offer training courses tailored to meet individual requirements, skill levels and budgets.