Global Environmental Change Committee

The Global Environmental Change Committee (GECC) was an inter-agency committee, chaired by Defra’s Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) and reporting to the Government CSA.  It ceased to exist in 2010 following the creation of the Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) programme.
Membership was drawn from Government Departments, Research Councils and other organisations. The committee was founded in 2001 and met annually in the autumn. Responsibility for management of the GECC and all its subgroups except Biodiversity was with the Climate and Energy: Science and Analysis (CESA) team in the Department of Energy and Climate Change. 
GECC provided a forum for the coordination of the UK’s involvement in climate change and other global environmental change science and technology nationally and internationally, working through sub-groups as required and taking into account the work of other relevant coordination mechanisms and fora.  Its Terms of Reference were: 
  • To review the effectiveness of the national capacity, capability and performance in these areas and to make recommendations;
  • To recommend to the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser a lead Department / Agency in areas of science and technology where responsibility is unclear;
  • To ensure that Government policy on climate change and other global environmental change issues is both sufficiently informed by and informs the work undertaken by the science base;
  • To support effective UK participation in international climate change and other global environmental change science and technology programmes;
  • To encourage effective communication of climate change and other global environmental change science and technology;
  • To report to CSAC on developments in Climate Change S&T and other global environmental change science.
GECC was supported by five sub-groups, intended as ad hoc working groups dealing with specific issues as needed. The following sub-groups were established in 2004, but ceased to operate in this form 2010:
  • Observations
  • Global environmental research coordination and agenda
  • Global biodiversity
  • Science – Policy forum
  • Supercomputing and other capital requirements
JNCC provided the Secretariat for the Global Biodiversity Sub-committee (GBSC).