Who we work with

Through work in partnership, nature conservation advice, policy and programmes provide greater environmental benefits as well as being fairer and delivering value for money..


JNCC itself is a forum bringing together, on its Joint Committee, Board and Council, members from:


Natural Resources Wales

Northern Ireland’s Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside

Natural England

Scottish Natural Heritage


Our staff work with colleagues from these bodies and from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.


We provide advice to policy-makers in the devolved administrations, UK Government, the European Commission and international fora. By doing so we help to join up policy at different geographical scales and across sectors. For example, we provide advice on policies that affect nature conservation like the Common Fisheries Policy and on the impacts of UK trade on global biodiversity.


We also advise regulators on how specific activities in the offshore marine environment and internationally affect nature conservation. For instance we work with the Department of Energy and Climate Change on offshore energy issues and with Animal Health on applications to trade in endangered species.


In the UK we work with a range of organisations, and through them with thousands of volunteers, to deliver surveillance schemes. They provide essential information on biodiversity status and trends.


We also work with others to get the most from investments in research. That includes enabling data held by a range of organisations to be available to all and developing strategies for collaborative research. JNCC also works with equivalent organisations in Europe and around the world to enable UK information to be shared and placed in context.