How we work


JNCC receives most of its funding as grant-in-aid from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the devolved administrations. It is accountable through those administrations to the UK parliament and devolved legislatures. Details of the administrative and financial framework within which JNCC works are set out in a Framework Document. 


As a body receiving public funding we are committed to being open about the decisions we make and the way in which we make them.  Committee meetings are open to the public and agendas and papers are posted on this site ahead of meetings while draft minutes are made available soon afterwards.


We work with Defra, the devolved administrations and other partners in a flexible, open and truly collaborative way. We involve partners early in developing issues, share data and analysis and review working relationships regularly. We also make every effort to respect institutional, procedural and cultural differences.


Our priorities, work programmes and funding are agreed jointly each year by Defra and the devolved administrations. Details are set out in our corporate and business plans.


We have robust governance arrangements in place to provide clarity and accountability in the way we manage the organisation and deliver our work. It also ensures that we make decisions effectively, monitor performance and manage resources and risk.


We work hard to run JNCC in a sustainable and ethical way. For example:


  • We actively implement our environmental management policy and have achieved Accreditation BS8555 Phase 3 and Level 4 for travel planning with Peterborough Environmental City Trust and TravelChoice.
  • We procure sustainable goods and services through fair and open competition. We not only undertake to always meet suppliers’ payment terms, but currently aim to make payments within 10 days of invoices being received.
  • We also set out to be a socially responsible organisation, providing flexibility to enable our staff to combine work with family responsibilities and to contribute to the communities they live in.