Joint Committee


The Joint Committee leads JNCC and has overall responsibility for its work. The Framework Document provides the legal, administrative and financial framework within which the Joint Committee operates.


The membership of the Committee is defined in schedule 4 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006. Current members are as below.


The Committee meets four times a year, in March, June, September and November. Members discuss strategic nature conservation and organisational issues as well as making high-level advice, strategy, funding and planning decisions.


The Committee is committed to the principle of open government and has been holding open meetings since 2001. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings as observers except when confidential issues are being discussed. Agendas and Committee papers are made available one week ahead of meetings and draft minutes six weeks later. Inter-sessional papers, provided between Committee meetings, are also available. Meetings are run in accordance with a set of Standing Orders.


Two meetings a year are held at Monkstone House, Peterborough.  Two meetings are held in other UK locations on a rotational basis.

If you would like to attend, please phone on 01733 562626 or


Members of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee as at May 2019
Professor Chris Gilligan CBE
Independent Chair (University of Cambridge)
Dr Hilary Kirkpatrick Chair, Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside
Lord Blencathra Deputy Chair, Natural England
Professor Howard Platt Deputy Chair, Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside
Professor Colin Galbraith
Professor Ian Bateman OBE Independent (University of Exeter)
Dr Mike Cantlay OBE Chair, Scottish Natural Heritage
Professor Marian Scott OBE 
Independent - University of Glasgow
Professor Melanie Austen
Independent - Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Mr Charles Banner QC
Independent - Landmark Chambers
Ms Cath Denholm

Deputy Chair, Scottish Natural Heritage

Professor Michael Winter Natural England

Professor Steve Ormerod

Natural Resources Wales
Sir David Henshaw Chair, Natural Resources Wales