Designations Information as shown on the NBN Gateway


There are a number of issues surrounding the species designations data on the NBN Gateway which users should be aware of.


Source of the information 


The designations data on the NBN Gateway is fed from the Species Badges Collation, managed by JNCC.

The Species Badges Collation is also available for use as the Conservation Designations Spreadsheet, available to download from here. This spreadsheet provides some additional browsing functionality compared with the NBN Gateway eg it allows for full species lists to be viewed under a given designation. The spreadsheet is updated at least twice a year.


Version control issues


Following each update of the JNCC Badges Collation, the changes are submitted to the Natural History Museum where they are incorporated into the NHM Species Dictionary. This is subsequently sent to the NBN Gateway team for incorporation into the Gateway. The dictionary information on the JNCC and NBN websites are currently aligned but may vary during each update. Any significant or prolonged differences will be noted here.


Important caveats


It should be noted that the Species Badges Collation (and therefore the NBN Gateway designations and the Conservation Designations Spreadsheet) is not a fully comprehensive list of accepted species designations. There are perceived gaps, primarily around notable species lists where the publication is not recognised as 'official'. An example of this is notable macro-moths where the last published 'official' list was in 1999 but an unofficial version was published in 'Field guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland', in 2009. The official list is considered to be out-of-date and misleading and the unofficial list has not been recommended for inclusion in the collation. Further details of which types of lists are prioritised and included in this collation can be found on the first sheet of the Conservation Designations Spreadsheet.


A forum thread is currently active on the NBN forum and monitored by JNCC. Any comments on the content of the Conservation Designations Spreadsheet should be noted here or emailed to .