Important ash data sources


The datasets below were used to provide an overall picture of the distribution and scale of important ash at GB scale (see“The Distribution of Important Ash in Great Britain”.


The data have moderate quality for this use; they contain significant false positives (locations that contain no important ash) and false negatives (areas where the data sets do not show important ash, but where it is growing). Further information on the provenance of the sources is summarised in the “Appendices describing the data used in the creation of Interim Chalara Control Plan”and is also included within the metadata included with each dataset.


Please note: Some of the following files are large and may take sometime to download.



The data above can also be used to give an indication of the relative importance of a region (county or larger) to the overall resource of Important Ash in GB. However, understanding where important ash is at a local level (region or below) will require additional data or survey to provide a reliable picture, in order to overcome the false negatives and positives in the GB scale data that may distort the picture locally. Further advice on finding and mapping important ash locally can be found in “The Distribution of Important Ash in Great Britain


21 December 2012