Environmental Mainstreaming/Green Economy projects

JNCC has developed and managed the environmental mainstreaming process (applied as Green Economy projects in the BVI and Anguilla) to help the OTs identify their environmental priorities. These projects are funded by the FCO, Defra and JNCC.  To provide more detail on what the environmental mainstreaming process is, we have produced a  question and answer document explaining the environmental mainstreaming process and projects


The Environmental Mainstreaming project is being managed by Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) on behalf of the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The main objective of the project is: ‘To work with each OT Government to understand the economic value of its natural environment, the threats posed and options available for managing these threats, and to enable environmental issues to be integrated into strategic decisions.

The reports on the economic valuation work done in the BVI and Anguilla by the Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam are available on request from JNCC. Report titles available here>>

JNCC has carried out the following Envirionmental Mainstreaming/Green Economy projects:


2014 - February 2015: Turks and Caicos Islands Green economy project.


The Turks and Caicos Island (TCI) Green Economy Project has been funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) managed by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and delivered by Dialogue Matters. The Green Economy project is about helping TCI organisations work together to develop ways of integrating the environment into strategic decisions to ensure that the people who live here, alongside business, and nature, thrive over the long term.

The project aims to help the TCI to: 

  • Understand the economic value of, and dependences on, their natural environment 
  • Understand the threats and risks 
  •  Identify solutions to enable the environment to be mainstreamed and properly integrated into strategic decisions


For more detail read the Turks and Caicos Islands Green economy report.


March 2013: Anguilla Mainstreaming project.His Excellency the Governer, Alistair Harrison ©Amanda Gregory_JNCC

This project comprised 2 components:

  • A review and scoping study was conducted via a literature review and interviews during November 2012 (the survey is in Appendix 1). This established the type and nature of information available and a provisional assessment of gaps in knowledge, legal capacity and the capacity of government and wider society to act on knowledge and implement legislation to protect and manage the environment.
  • Stakeholder consultations was conducted in February 2013. These validated some of the information collected in the review and scoping study and identified gaps and barriers to the implementation of environmental mainstreaming and short, medium and long term actions for the implementation of environmental mainstreaming.


For more detail read the Anguilla Green Economy project report 


Additional information on the event can be found in our nature news.


May 2012: Environmental Mainstreaming in the Falkland Islands.

In May 2012 an environmental mainstreaming workshop was held in the Falkland Islands.

For more detail read the Falkland Islands Environmental Mainstreaming report


February 2012: Green Economy workshop British Virgin Islands.

In February 2012 a Green Economy workshop was held in the British Virgin Islands

For more detail read the BVI Green Economy Workshop report and the BVI Green Economy report


Reports are also available on the individual territory web pages.