United Kingdom Overseas Territories
Biodiversity Strategy


The United Kingdom Overseas Territories Biodiversity Strategy sets out the UK Government strategy for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Overseas Territories. It was published in 2009.


UKOT Biodiversity Strategy review (2013)

On 14 March 2013, JNCC co-ordinated a workshop to review progress on the implementation of the UK Overseas Territories Overseas Territories meeting at Kew ©Tony Weighell_JNCCBiodiversity Strategy with UKOT government officials and NGOs. Prior to the workshop, a preliminary review (PDF, 641kb) was commissioned by JNCC and UKOTA (UK Overseas Territories Association), to provide some background for the workshop discussions.


Several NGOs also produced documents for discussion at the workshop, copies of which are available below:


The workshop report  Review of Progress on the Implementation of the UK Overseas Territories Biodiversity Strategy (PDF, 844kb)  was published in September 2013. The workshop also featured in JNCC's Nature News.