Wider surveillance strategies

UK Environmental Observation Framework (UKEOF)UKEOF logo

This framework includes a catalogue which collates information on all environmental observation and monitoring in the UK, including data on pressures. The database includes information on schemes where JNCC is a lead organisation, and where we are providing funding and support to other work in partnership schemes. JNCC provides updates on surveillance schemes to the catalogue, as well as helping to make decisions concerning the work of the UKEOF, including initiatives on citizen science. The UK Directory of Marine Observing Systems (UKDMOS) holds an equivalent catalogue for marine monitoring schemes.

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Optimising the benefits of environmental observation for the UK

JNCC are providing information for this independent review produced by the Royal Society on all types of environmental observation by remote sensing.


Living With Environmental Change Monitoring Action Plan (LWEC-MAP)

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This partnership aims to ensure that decision makers in Government, Business and Society have the knowledge and tools to mitigate, adapt to and benefit from environmental change. MAP operates under the LWEC ecosystem task force and is attempting to understand the requirements and tools needed by people practically implementing ecosystem services. JNCC contributes to the ecosystem task force.


Observational Evidence Strategy for Animal and Plant Health

This strategy was published at the end of 2014 as part of the Government Office for Science review, to recognise synergies between animal and plant health. JNCC was involved in discussions to coordinate research and evidence activity relevant to Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity.


Defra One

This is a developing initiative between Defra and all its network bodies across all environmental monitoring undertaken. The aim is to identify synergies allowing resource saving while maintaining the best possible evidence base.  Starting in 2013, the initiative will soon conclude on how the collaboration will work. As a non-departmental government body, JNCC is providing input to direct decision making towards efficient and effective surveillance.


Biodiversity 2020 monitoring and surveillance strategy for England 2014-2020

This is a developing strategy for Defra and its network bodies to establish how best to deliver surveillance and monitoring to support the main English conservation strategy: Biodiversity 2020: a strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services. As a Defra network body, JNCC are participating in the development of this strategy.