Report 549
Understanding our islands: How to get the best out of our GIS and our data
Pelembe, Tara
A report (and supplemental information) on the cross-territory data management workshops held on the Turks and Caicos Islands in February 2015.


One of the strategic priorities for UK Government action identified in the 2009 United Kingdom Overseas Territories Biodiversity Strategy is ‘obtaining data on the location and status of biodiversity interests and the human activities affecting biodiversity to inform the preparation of policies and management plans (including baseline survey and subsequent monitoring)'.

In the 2012 White paper ‘The Overseas Territories, Security, success and sustainability’ Sharing Experience of {Economic} Diversification was highlighted: ‘Territory Governments have between them a wealth of experience in delivering successful economic diversification, which the UK Government encourages the Territories to share with each other. The Falkland Islands, for example, has experience of establishing a system of fishing licenses from which Territories with under-exploited fisheries can learn’.

In an attempt to address some of these aspects of the White Paper, the UKOT Biodiversity strategy, the JMC Communique priorities and the UKOT Biodiversity review priorities, a series of technical workshops have been implemented and facilitated by JNCC.

One of these workshops was held in Gibraltar in 2012 where OT and UK GIS experts came to share GIS experience and relevant software, and initiate a strategy for development of GIS based approaches to environmental management in the UK’s OTs and Crown Dependencies. The Territories expressed a wish to meet again to finalize an OT/CD strategy, including use of these systems in ecosystem assessments, economic evaluations and data management. These TCI workshops follow up on this request.

The TCI workshops focus on addressing the issue of better access to data, and the provision of training for spatial data management through cross-territory skill-share, and developing links with UK technical expertise.


Supplemental documentation:


Workshop 1 (Report Section 5.1 Programme Presentations and training materials)


Workshop 2 (Report Section 6.5 Programme and Presentations)


Additional documentation (Section 6.6 Key messages)


Additional documentation (Section 6.7 Outputs)

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