Open Data

Open data is "data that anyone is free to access, use, modify, and share for any purpose – subject, at most, to measures that preserve provenance and openness."


JNCC collects and processes scientific data in a wide range of areas. We also provide tools and mechanisms to enable others to make their data freely available.


JNCC currently publishes more than 1,300 open datasets through We make other datasets available on our website and contribute data to external portals such as the NBN Atlas and OSPAR. JNCC is also a supporting member of the Open Data Institute.



Our policy


In May 2018 we published our Open Data Policy. This policy was written for JNCC staff but we have released it under the Open Government Licence so that other organisations can adapt it for their own use. The policy is also available in HTML and Markdown formats.


JNCC has also released an inventory of data assets that we hold or maintain. The inventory is not limited to datasets published as open data.


Following is JNCC’s Statement on Open Data:


JNCC aspires to be a pioneer, innovator and inspiration to others within the open data community by both internal action and, on behalf of the statutory nature conservation bodies, by actively engaging with existing and potential users to encourage, support and maximise re-use of its data. JNCC will publish an open data policy in 2018 and adopt recognised tools such as the Open Data Maturity Model, ODI Certificates, and the 5 Stars of Openness to improve the quality and accessibility of its data.


By 2020 JNCC will release all its data at the level of detail originally captured, under the terms of an open licence, except where there are legitimate reasons not to publish. All data collected under partnership will be released (possibly at a reduced level of detail) within two years, and fully open within five years. Environmentally sensitive data will be made openly available to the same timescales at the highest level of detail consistent with the avoidance of harm. In parallel, JNCC will work to significantly reduce its reliance on non-open data.



Data requests


Some JNCC datasets listed on, such as large video survey files, are not currently available online due to their large size. If you require a copy of any of these datasets, or have any other queries about the availability of JNCC data, please send  an email to: